Crispy Seabass and Peppered Veg

crispy seabass and peppered vegCrispy seabass and peppered vegcrispy seabass and peppered vegcrispy seabass and peppered vegcrispy seabass and peppered veg

crispy seabass and peppered veg

I was inspired to make this meal after a talk from an attendee on my unleash your inner badass programme on food waste. All items can be bought from inexpensive supermarkets. Buy organic whenever possible.

Ingredients - For Fish

Brown bread flour

Garlic granules

Salt and coarse black pepper

Other ingredients

Olive oil

3  x cloves garlic

1 x spring onion

4 large chestnut mushrooms

A sliver of red scotch bonnet pepper ( I kept a few seeds in, however, feel free to remove).

Around 20 pimento seeds (aka allspice) crushed

Small handful thyme

Mixed vegetables of whatever you have in the fridge


Season the flour with the salt, pepper and half teaspoon of garlic granules

Generously coat both sides of the fish in mixture

Put aside

For veg

Gently heat olive oil in a wok

Gently fry the scotch bonnet pepper and garlic for 2-3 mins

Add all the other ingredients

Crush and add the pimento seeds 

Continue cooking everything on low heat until mushrooms are soft

Remove from pan and keep warm.

Add more oil to the wok and turn up the heat

Gently fry the fish for around five minutes on both sides turning frequently to create a crispy outer.

Place veg on a plate and remove thyme sticks

Place fish on top

Serve with rice and or a dollop of garlic mayo. 

All done. 







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