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My Story Continued

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Then one day, exhausted of feeling this way and trying to fill the hole, I said that's it, enough was enough, I was perfect just the way I jolly well was. The opposing messages were so loud nonetheless, that the only way to cut through the nonsense in my mind was to get badass. I scrawled my father's name on a napkin and burnt it. Simultaneously, I forgave him and forgave myself for giving him the power to validate me.  

With news that the fastest growing technology, Artificial Intelligence, perpetuates stereotypes which strip us of the confidence to be our authentic self, I decided to up the ante of my work with women.

I now empower them to get badass too, that is, to define their own normal, kick the stereotypes to the stereotypes to the curb and be the author of their own story. 

Ingz. X

Founder and Badass Coach, aka, NLP Practitioner, Voice Coach and Broadcaster