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The Confident you, Confident Kids Programme

Be equipped with tools to maximise the potential of you and your children in 12-weeks. 

The Problem

Every day women and those from minority groups are subliminally bombarded with messages telling them they are not quite enough in comparison to others. Along with an array of unsupporting beliefs acquired through childhood and adolescence, they often feel uncomfortable with being their authentic selves. Added to this, is a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset'. A ‘fixed mindset’ results in a judgmental culture that unconsciously silences you and forces you to assimilate, conform and ‘dim your light’ to fit in. 

This problem is we are unable to outdo our minds. The negative beliefs and unconscious biases you hold about yourself eventually become self-fulfilling prophesies which impact your self-belief, aura, and actions. Unconsciously to you, they manifest themselves in your body language and speech too, sabotaging your efforts to be heard well and making you not particularly charismatic, inspiring or motivating at all. This makes it challenging for women to have a voice at work or to instill confidence in their children.

The solution:

Using a combination of neuroscience, educational research, human psychology and my own real-life experiences of being a Saturday School teacher, NLP Practitioner, broadcaster and confidence coach, I developed a process that guides you through the transformation necessary to develop your own self-confidence and in turn, raise more confident children. You will be equipped with the mindset and skills to build-self esteem, increase your influence and empower your children to do the same. The programme provides clients with a powerful set of skills, strategies, and principles to fundamentally shape the lives of both themselves and their children, to express their vision compellingly and positively impact the world.

The kit comprises of your downloadable journal/planner/workbook, online video tutorials. and a private Facebook Group for the times you have a burning question or in need of a confidence boost. Or why not boost your progress with 1-2-1 skype sessions with Ingrid. Face-to-face is also available (travel costs may apply).

About the SoulSpace toolkit:

We are a movement first and a business second providing you and your children with tools to:

  • Find your voices and overcome obstacles such as fear, stereotyping and shaming that silently impair how you express yourselves
  • Children will have more resilience to recover from difficult school work
  • Increase their confidence to speak up at school
  • Master compelling communication skills to express yourselves articulately, build charisma and make an impact
  • Have increased motivation and confidence

Those around you will swear that you and your children have not had any coaching at all and was simply born this way. The secret is, as you remove the obstacles preventing you from being your best self, you will discover you were.

Benefits of the SoulSpace Toolkit.

  • The ability to practice your skills in a safe environment.
  • Stretch the boundaries of your comfort zones slowly
  • Your self-confidence is rebuilt from the inside out so that the change is habitual, intuitive and authentic

How does the programme work?

The Unplug, Discover, Unleash is designed to change your life and the life of your children in 12-weeks.


I use a mindful approach to bringing about change. You will be provided with tips and advice on creating a Happy Place at home. It's a safe haven where you'll unplug from negative messages and begin the journey of finding your voice.

unplug from negative messages


In the discovery phase, you will be equipped with tools to find your authentic voice and finely tuned skills to communicate your vision compellingly. This is alongside tools to create an environment that empowers children to find their voices too, build resilience and be comfortable with creating a difference to boost their value.



Be equipped with tools to contribute fully to the world! You will all be taught skills to express yourselves articulately to build charisma, make an impact, increase your influence and claim a more active role in your community.



A retreat-on-tap

A safe haven at home to relieve stress, get creative, boost your mood, gain new perspectives and receive a shot of vitality. 

Boost self-confidence

You will be equipped with tools to crush limiting beliefs, overcome procrastination and kick-start courage more quickly to shatter your inner glass ceiling in work and life alongside increased motivation and confidence. 

Voice impact

You are ALWAYS communicating. To be able to engage and make an impact your voice is the bedrock of being a compelling communicator. The same sentence can either send your listener to sleep or make them come alive inside. Learn awesome skills such as the Power of the Pause, Timing, Vocal Variety plus more to deliver with confidence and poise in any given situation.

Develop authentic body language

Lessons are provided on non-verbal communication skills. You will develop more authentic and compelling body language for when giving presentations, using podiums and communicating in general.

Express your voice through storytelling

Everything starts with your big why and what you stand for. There is no better way to express this than through your story. Your story is what people buy as well as what sets you apart from others. People don't buy what you do, they buy Why you do what you do? You will be taught the compelling art of storytelling like you've never been taught it before using the techniques of filmmakers and great playwrights.

Using humour

You will learn the science behind humour such as timing, rhythm to develop an emotional connection with your audience.

Find your authentic voice

Learn what is awesomely different about you from others. Become confident with your uniqueness and learn compelling ways to embrace and express it to inspire and empower others. Discover how to communicate your uniqueness to increase your influence.


Both you and your children will have more resilience to recover from difficult situations and school work. They will increase their confidence to speak up at school and be equipped with tools to master compelling communication skills to express themselves articulately. 

Who is it for:

  • You want you and your kids to have more confidence to reach their full potential 
  • If you wish to speak in a more engaging way
  • For those who are tired of feeling fearful about fitting in 

The process to create an environment of wellbeing, confidence and growth are drip-fed over 12-weeks to avoid overwhelm. 

Stage 1  

Fear, belief systems, storytelling and physical SoulSpaces

Stage 2

How our awesome mind works and finding your voice

Stage 3

Developing a growth mindset and compelling communication skills to build charisma 


    • 21 awesome videos by Ingrid to learn at a time that suits you
    • Tools to shatter your fears and begin the journey to find your voice
    • A programme that is suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced speakers.
    • Downloadable workbooks
    • A personal video from Ingrid to you
    • A 7-day money back guarantees that if after completing the programme and workbook (which you must send in) you find no value from the workshop.

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    You are one of those special people in my life. Thank you for always believing in me.

    Samuel (age 8) and family

    There are a few absolute gems in this world. They are the people who make a remarkable difference in other people lives and one of those wonderful people is you.

    Mr and Mrs Cole

    "New and interesting ideas about evolving and strengthening our communication and public speaking skills. Something I have never learnt before." -

    Kalerina Tirepa / Architect Engineer / Recyclad3d

    GREAT! It was fun, engaging and gave great insight on how to unlock the potential of Body Language for public authenticity. Ingrid covered all bases. Will happily be involved in future groups."

    Anna Hill/ Inventor/Cyberspace Consortium

    Authentic, open and passionate. Focus on female empowerment. Constructive feedback. No pressure 'to perform.' Practical skills, tips and tools. Great to know Ingrid gets fearful and has learnt ways to conquer it.

     - Danielle Silvo / Entrepreneur / Refil it Don't Kill it 

    Buy now to rock self-confidence, inspire your children and to make an impact through communicating your vision compellingly.