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The Chill Natural Essential Oils Diffuser Experience

The Chill Natural Essential Oils Diffuser Experience

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The Chill Diffuser Experience is a medley of relaxing, comforting and deeply calming notes to soothe all of your senses. 


    Plant-based, eco friendly, made from a renewable source and 100% natural Vanilla and Lavender essential oils.

    Our Chill natural eco-reed diffuser is made with creamy bourbon vanilla and lavender essential oils which add a modern twist on traditional lavender flower blends.

    Float into top notes of green ozone and the essence of Madagascan bourbon vanilla bean. This is followed by middle notes of herbs and flowers and supported by a sumptuous warming base of vanilla fond, musk and woody notes to help you relax and sleep.

    Only 100% pure essential oils are used which not only smell beautiful but contain many reported beneficial propertie which will be diffused into the air through the wooden reeds. 

    Top: Green, Ozon, Camphoraceous 

    Middle: Lavender, Herbaceous, Floral, Sage

    Base: Sandalwood and Musk

    Net weight: approx. 150g

    • No paraffin, parabens or synthetics
    • Vegan-friendly
    • A recyclable bottle