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The Flow Candle Experience

The Flow Candle Experience

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The Flow candle experience is a medley of relaxing, calming and comforting Vanilla and Lavender notes to soothe your senses and calm your monkey mind. It's also a champion at aiding rest.

100% Vanilla and Lavender essential oil candle made with non-GMO Rapeseed Wax.

It is near impossible to bloom your inner wildflowers if you're constantly overthinking, and or, your body hasn't had sufficient time to sleep and renew itself.  Our Flow natural rapeseed wax candle is made with creamy bourbon vanilla and lavender essential oils which add a modern twist on traditional lavender flower blends. Calm your mind and float into top notes of green ozone and the essence of Madagascan bourbon vanilla bean. This is followed by middle notes of herbs and flowers and supported by a sumptuous warming base of vanilla fond, musk and woody notes to help you stay centered, relax and or, sleep (please extinguish candle beforehand).

Only 100% pure essential oils are used which not only smell beautiful but contain many reported beneficial properties to relax you which will be released into the air when burnt. 

Rapeseed wax is cleaner than other waxes, burns longer, and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. It is a certified non GMO and pesticide free wax from renewable sources. The candle is contained in a deluxe glass jar which can easily be washed out after it's finished and kept for your own use or recycled. 


Top: Green, Ozon, Camphoraceous 

Middle: Lavender, Herbaceous, Floral, Sage

Base: Sandalwood and Musk

  • Contains no soy and not contributing, therefore, to deforestation
  • No paraffin, parabens, synthetics or beeswax
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made from non-GMO rapeseed and unscented coconut wax
  • A recyclable 180ml Jar

All our candles are handcrafted. Please allow up to five business working days for delivery.