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Recover your Wild Spirit

Recover your Wild Spirit

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The Wild Spirit Pod, a medley of fresh yet soothing, mint and floral notes to recover and restore your wild spirit. Packaged in a muslin bag the pod comprises of a 100% natural essential oil candle, emerald crystal, sustainably sourced sage stick and a reusable coconut shell sage bowl. 

Your Rewild + Reenergise Home Ritual toolkit contains: 

  • Large 180ml  rapeseed wax 40+ hours burn-time essential oil candle
  • A crystal
  • A white sage smudge stick
  • Reuseable and biodegradable naturally fallen coconut shell sage bowl
  • Large 100% cotton muslin bag

Large 180ml Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle:

100% eucalyptus, spearmint and sparkling orange essential oil candle made with non-GMO Rapeseed Wax.

When your energy is down the pan or you're feeling a little worn, reenergize and run wild with this invigorating blend of essential oils. Our natural rapeseed wax candle is designed to reinvigorate your senses with uplifting eucalyptus,  refreshing spearmint, and fresh zesty oranges.

This is a light, fresh-smelling blend using only 100% pure essential oils. They not only smell beautiful but contain many reported spirited properties which will be released into the air when burnt.

Rapeseed wax is cleaner than other waxes, burns longer, and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. It is also a certified non-GMO and pesticide-free wax from renewable sources. This candle is contained in an awesome amber glass jar which can easily be washed out after it's finished and kept for your own use such as growing seeds or recycled.


Top: Eucalyptus, Orange

Middle: Spearmint, Eucalyptus

Base: Eucalyptus, Mint. 

  • Contains no soy and so not contributing to deforestation in the Amazon Basin
  • No paraffin, parabens, synthetics or beeswax
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made from non-GMO rapeseed and unscented coconut wax
  • 40+ hours burn time
  • A recyclable 180ml Jar

Emerald Crystal

In old folklore, the vibrant energy of emerald is typically associated with abundance, richness and wealth. Its energy was also used as a tool for stimulating the heart chakra and opening yourself up. With its green colour regarded as a royal, it is wild and free and also associated with loyalty, harmony and love.

Please note that the claims are scientifically unproven. 

Sustainably Sourced White Californian Sage Smudge Stick

Unlike regular shop-bought fragrances that mask the particles in the air, sage sticks have been scientifically proven to remove 95% of bacteria in the room.

Spiritually, smudging is a ceremony conducted by Native Americans to both clear away negative energies as well as attract positive ones. You could try doing the same by lighting the bulb end of the sage stick and spreading the smoke around the room or, using the palm of your hand spread the smoke around yourself. Once you have finished with it extinguish the bulb in your bowl, remembering also that they can relight. Native Americans would also remove fragments of the sage stick to burn in a shell. You could do the same in your coconut shell bowl.  

Sage sticks are also used in Feng Shui to purify a house or dwelling as well as used by bodyworkers and therapists to cleanse the aura. They are also often used just before mediation and prayer.

In old folklore, it is deemed a cleansing plant that increases one’s spiritual connection and breaks up feelings of negativity.

Our sage is grown along the sun-washed coastline of Southern California. The company we use is passionate about the preservation of the wilderness as we are and so ensure everything is sustainable and responsibly harvested.

 Size: approximately 10-11cm