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Tibetan meditation singing bowl

Tibetan meditation singing bowl

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Copper Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl and Mallet for Meditation Sound Therapy and more. Handcrafted in Nepal and comes complete with a small resting mat.

Often used by psychotherapists, massage therapists, medication, stress and cancer experts, it's a truly beautiful way to meditate, relax and recover your energy. The bowl produces energetic and harmonic soothing sounds for stress-free relaxation.

Size: diameter 12cm 5. 5cm

How to use:

Grinding method: Use the palm of one hand at bottom of the bowl and with the other hold the mallet at a tilt of about 30 to 45 degrees. Gently press it along the edge of the bowl slowly and evenly in a clockwise direction to maintain a slow frequency.

1 x Buddhist Bowl
1 x Mallet
1 x Mat