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Herbal teas to connect with nature and feel free.

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Spiritual badass Ingrid M, combines her passion of spirituality and neuroscience to elevate, empower and inspire. She creates epic videos and aromatherapy candles to help you connect with nature, feel free and keep your inner fire burning.

Soul Babes elevate, lift and love. They're radical, independent and fearless. They know there's no such thing as imperfection, just originality. Someone who is both inspired and inspiring, they dance through life glowing. They embrace spirituality, radiate positivity and always answer the wild call of adventure. - -Boho Daily.

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Ditched toxic food, people and places, and living a soulful life at 50+...The Badass Gal.

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Wild reviews

To Ingrid Marsh, thank you for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women.

Dr. Andrea Jiménez

Always love listening to the wonderful Ingrid Marsh.

Rob McCargow - Director of AI at PWC

Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw. 

Lanre Atijosan - Entrepreneur

I always looked forward to Ingrid's workshops - Ingrid is present and got us to be present and show up for ourselves.  The workshops were fun and there was a lot of learning and transformation in the room.  
Ingrid's style of delivery as a trainer is powerful - she is an honest and vulnerable communicator in sharing her own journey.  Ingrid is knowledgeable and sensitive and her infectious laughter helped us to navigate our own journey. If you want to be challenged and stretched, Ingrid is the person to facilitate your growth and inspire change.

Andrea from Battersea

"Ingrid Marsh is a remarkable coach taking you to places that you could never imagine you could." Christina Georgalla, Career Coach

Christina Georgalla, Career Coach

Really Good Session, What a Legend.

Sam Carrick - Creative, Born Social

Ingrid embodies the rarely seen professionalism and subject matter expertise. Complete openness and an infectious energy. She had our team totally hooked from the first second and everyone came away buzzing. Truly empowering and I would recommend to anyone. 

Georgie Hazel - The Eleven Start Up

Thank you for your fantastic workshop yesterday! The guys were still talking about it in the evening. The awards they got that night really reflected the people who stood up, made awesome speeches and made people cry.

Louise R - Youth Empowerment Coach

Ingrid Marsh is a phenomenal and captivating speaker! Ingrid gave our Closing Keynote and not only did she capture our audience, she also related to each and every one of them. This in itself is a characteristic of a phenomenal speaker. Ingrid carried the audience along on her journey AND actively made them a part of her delivery. She bravely shared her most personal struggles and showed vulnerability which truly inspired and connected with the audience. She was truthful, blunt and 100% transparent as she spoke to the audience of Career minded Women in Business. 

Jessica Ajayi, Event Organiser  - Get Supply Ready..

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