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Ingrid Marsh

"Despite the millions spent on the Diversity and Inclusion revolution, change has remained elusive. It's time to REBOOT, to change the conversation and to bring the authentic voices of men AND women to the table."

Ingrid Marsh - Founder

Ingrid raises awareness of unconscious bias and those perpetuated in the fastest growing area of technology, Artificial Intelligence. She provides new and innovative tools and workshops to help mitigate its impact on self-esteem, wellbeing and our livelihoods. She proposes a fundamental shift in our workplace culture to bring about change.

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Research shows that stereotypes, unconscious or otherwise, impact our wellbeing, lives, livelihoods, human rights and self-worth. Children's mental heath issues are also at an all time high due to stereotypes about how they look. My talks, described as energetic and thought provoking, raises awareness of unconscious bias, especially those perpetuated in the fastest growing area of technology, Artificial Intelligence and provides strategies to mitigate its impact.

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Inclusive leadership programme

According to the World Heath Organisation, when individuals don't conform to established gender norms, relations or roles, they often face stigma, discriminatory practices or social exclusion – all of which negatively impact their health. Moreover, according to a study by Deloitte, companies perform 'smarter' with teams of diverse thinkers. The Programme provides tools for teams to spot and override the impact of bias on employees self-esteem, mental wellbeing and to bring their authentic voices to the table.

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women with voices inner beauty box


The Reboot Box has all the benefits of my coaching at a fraction of the cost. It's a fun and unique way for women and men to spot and override the impact of unconscious bias on their self esteem, to discover their true self and to unapologetically bring to the table their most valued possession - their voice.




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Bye Bye Perfect Campaign

Creating a world where we are judged by the content of our hearts before the colour of our lip gloss. A 2016 report highlighted depression among 15-24 year old's were at an all time high. Girls and young women also said they held themselves back due to gender stereotypes, sexism, and anxiety about how they look. We are campaigning for the UK government to raise awareness of the unconscious gender and racial biases being perpetuated in artificial intelligence and in advertising together with advice on mitigating its impact on our mental health, self-worth and wellbeing.

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The more conscious you become, the more aware you become of how unconscious you’ve been. ~
— Patricia Sun

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