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founder Ingrid Marsh

 Ingrid Marsh - The Soul Babe

Ingrid grew up in an environment totally different to herself. She suspected she was always a little different, but growing up wasn't quite sure. Following a major slump at age fifty, nonetheless, Ingrid restored herself by running every day for 30-days amongst nature in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed the beast from the east and vlogged it. Through her self-care products and podcasts she now equips women (and men) with the tools to happily rock their uniqueness and live an utterly fulfilling life. She is a mind coach, lifestyle guru, a motivational speaker, NLP Practitioner, broadcaster and a growth mindset expert. Her poem, The Blind Side, has been published in a Collection of Poems called 'Words by' funded by Unicef. With her work on unconscious bias prevalent in the tech we create, she is also a member of the @IEEE Artificial Intelligence ethics committee.

Hello my lovely, thank you for coming by.

I felt the call from nature from a young age. It was a place to reflect, expand my consciousness, boost my energy and realign myself. However, it didn't fit in with my environment. While those around me dreamt of lavish five star hotels, I dreamt of sleeping in a tent. To be on the ground close to the grass, smelling the morning dew and hearing the birds sing. Yet while my difference and bohemian spirit brought pleasure to some for others it created conflict. 

Environments that conflict with your individuality and the essence of who you are can unconsciously strangulate you, become stressful and dim your light. 

Nevertheless, despite my love of nature at some point I lost my way and barely even went to a park, At age fifty, however, following a slump, I restored balance, joy and harmony to my life by returning to it. I totally immersed myself too. I consumed it, went running in it and unleashed it's healing aroma in my home. I have never looked or felt better.

Create your soul space today and create an environment that empowers you to nurture your inner light, thrive and bloom your inner wildflowers.

Ingrid M, aka, The Soul Babe. X 

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