founder Ingrid Marsh

 Founder, Ingrid Marsh, aka, The Badass Gal, is on a mission to bring freedom to women through her products, podcasts and workshops.


The Problem

We all live with the knowledge that there are certain rules we have to follow or fulfill when it comes to being a woman. While society portrays only one type of stereotypical woman in the media, however, the overall impact of stereotype threat is widespread. It erodes women's confidence, sucks their energy, stifles creativity and steals their joy.

Neuroscience proves that in order to conserve energy the brain creates shortcuts. It needs to do this so that we're not always having to figure out how to do simple jobs such as, tying our shoelaces. The problem, however, is that these shortcuts also create stereotypes.

Indeed, research shows that stereotyping is not just about equality but is also a wellbeing issue. The unconscious impact made by imagery on women's self-belief together with our unconscious biases and fixed mindset cultures, become self-fulfilling prophecies that prevent many from reaching their full potential. The situation is compounded further for fear of eliciting what is known as stereotype threat. This is where women are reluctant to try anything new for fear of confirming the stereotype of their social group.


The Solution


Dubbed the Oprah for this generation, Ingrid Marsh is on a mission to get one million women worldwide to slow down their thinking, become conscious of the stereotypes that are silently zapping their joy and to live their lives to the fullest.

Her products, coaching and workshops, have been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence, healthy habits, and talent actually grows. It includes a medley of mindfulness techniques and personal development tools to safely overcome the impact of stereotyping and unconscious bias on their confidence, creativity, energy and wellbeing. This not only helps women to live the life they truly desire and boosts their mental wellbeing, but also helps organisations to improve engagement, creativity and productivity. 


If you or your team members are tired of making themselves small, being a slave to the noise in their minds and ready to harness their inner warrior, contact Ingrid below.

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