founder Ingrid Marsh

 Ingrid Marsh - The Soul Babe


I'm a Radio Presenter, Interior Stylist, Holistic Personal Development Coach, Gender Unconscious Bias Guru, Chandler, and Entrepreneur.

"I felt the call from nature from a young age. It was a place to reflect, expand my consciousness, boost my energy and realign myself. It didn't fit in with my environment, nonetheless and and so while those around me dreamt of  lavish five star hotels, I dreamt of sleeping in a tent. To be on the ground close to the grass, smelling the morning dew and hearing the birds sing. During those moments my soul was utterly fulfilled."

We all live in the knowledge that depending on our environment there are "rules" we have to follow, especially as women. While these rules are unconsciously perpetuated however, they clip our wings, quietly erode our mental wellbeing, suppress our individuality, steal our joy and disconnect us from our souls. My natural essential oil products, podcasts, workshops, talks and more are designed to bring light to your world, to have you tap into the wild spirit essence that exists within us all and bloom.


If you're ready to step off the treadmill and live a truly fulfilling life then this is the place for you. 

The Soul Babe. X