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founder Ingrid Marsh
Ingrid Marsh - The badass Soul Babe, putting the funk back into wellness.

I'm a mind coach, lifestyle guru, a motivational speaker, NLP Practitioner, broadcaster and a growth mindset expert. My poem, The Blind Side, has been published in a Collection of Poems called 'Words by' funded by UNICEF. With my work on unconscious bias prevalent in the tech we create, I'm also a member of the IEEE Artificial Intelligence ethics committee.

My story and how I got my groove back.

I grew up in an environment totally different to myself. I was never nourished by 'things,' and felt the call from nature from a young age. I was born spiritual I became to realise, I just didn't know it was called that. That difference between me and my environment brought about many conflicts which I couldn't understand. Nevertheless, somehow I lost my way and didn't find my way back to the wild until a major slump, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally at age fifty.

Through juggling the pressures of life as a single mother, getting my highly academic son through his education, and running my business, I hit a wall and rock bottom. I began stuffing my soul with food and also piled on the pounds. Having never exercised also, my legs felt they were filled with cement. Despite being mentally strong from my years of having to build inner resilience to live my truth in an environment different to myself, my body was failing me. For months I struggled to muster the motivation to peel myself from my sofa.

To make the change sustainable, I knew that making it a habit and changing my lifestyle was key. I restored my health by running every day for 30-days amongst nature in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed the beast from the east, and vlogged itI also retrained in aromatherapy candle making so that I could absorb the healing energy of nature in my home.  I have never felt or looked better. Through my nature-born self-care products, videos and podcasts I now equip women (and men) with the tools to get their groove back too, to return to the wild, go back to basics and live an utterly fulfilling life.


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