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founder Ingrid Marsh
Get your groove back with Ingrid Marsh, aka, The Soul Babe.

I'm a mind coach, motivational speaker, NLP Practitioner, broadcaster and a growth mindset expert. My poem, The Blind Side, has been published in a Collection of Poems called 'Words by' funded by UNICEF. With my work on unconscious bias prevalent in the tech we create, I'm also a member of the IEEE Artificial Intelligence ethics committee.

What is Getting Your Groove Back?

The key stressors of life can obscure your inner light, zap your passion for living and cloud your aura. OR, they can also be the start of transformation and rebirth.

In 1979 Harvard Psychologist Ellen Langer proved there was a relationship between aging and mindset. Much more research demonstrate that beliefs steeped in stereotypes erode our working memory, confidence and impact. When you're liberated from beliefs and elevate your consciousness around age, gender, race, and the like, it shifts this low vibrational energy and gives way to a younger, happier, brighter and more magnetic you. 

Discover my hand-made nature-born candles, videos, coaching and more to shine and feel alive once more.

My story and how I got my groove back.

At age fifty I went through a major slump, put on loads of weight and was diagnosed with arthritis. I started physio but found my energy slumping even further in the treatment centre. Fiercely independent, I just didn't want to wither away like this.

As a mindset coach, I knew this meant forming new habits and this kick-started with running and walking every day in the rain and snow amongst nature and , and vlogging it. Not at any point did I think I was too old to make a change. The rest is history, that was three years ago and I have never felt or looked better. 

What has stolen your groove

We all live with the knowledge that there are certain rules we have to follow when it comes to being a woman and increasingly a man. While imagery, the media and now AI perpetuate only one type of stereotypical person however, the overall impact of stereotype threat is widespread. It quietly prevents people from being their happy, creative, authentic self as well as stifles individuality, innovation, and self-expression. Getting your groove back is the letting go of the script of who you have been until this moment and the template wired into your consciousness from the day you were born. It is a holistic approach designed to relinquish ingrained beliefs around age, gender roles and more. It begs you to break the rules that are unconsciously eroding your self-confidence, energy and how you look and feel, and to replace them with better ones. 


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