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Day 16: My 30-day morning run challenge

"Reflecting on how 'sameness' sucks. Plus, with my motivation at rock bottom, I resort to grabbing passers-by for the inspiration to fight on."

Can Ingrid change her identity in just 30-days from someone who absolutely HATES exercising to one who runs like a Gazelle in the park with utter joy in her heart?" - Ingrid Marsh

Using her #TakeTheStairs ideology Ingrid Marsh shares the progress and pains of her mental and physical transformation.

Her deeper message is that nothing is beyond you. That although the gap from where you are, to where you want to be may seem insurmountable, if you believe change is possible, you'll actually see a very useful set of stairs. A message especially useful for women and those from minority groups whose talents are often determined by their gender, race, age and the like, and as a result, often face more setbacks than others. #TaketheStairs builds mental resilience and empowers participants to adopt the mindset and identity necessary to shatter their inner glass ceiling to reach their full potential.

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