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How to make your story interesting

For fear of being judged, people either fail to share their stories or when they do, they're often not particularly interesting at all. It is important to remember that you are always communicating and so if your story fails to ignite, the same will be felt about you, your product or service. 

In this era of information overload, it is no secret that sharing your story is the way to cut through the noise. In knowing this, there are also those who have tried to 'cover up' their authentic self and tweak the truth a little. I have been to a number of events where people have reeled off a story where I just haven't 'felt it.' This is because the body moves before your words. You just can't fake it. There is just too much going on a subliminal level.

Anyway, check out the vid for some hot tips on inspiring and engaging your audience as well as making your story just darn interesting.


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