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Self-esteem suckers

What if you have it wrong?

Often the biggest suckers of our self-esteem are the choices we make about what or who we choose to believe. We invest so much time in believing the negative nonsense we tell ourselves or the limitations others impart on us about who we are and what we are capable of, even when evidence proves otherwise, we remain steadfast in what clearly isn't true.

Please check out Susan Cain's awesome Ted talk. I would like to take her talk about one step further, however, and for you to ask yourself: "What if the negative narrative that's running a gauntlet inside of my mind simply isn't true either? What if I have it totally wrong?"


There is literally zillion of pieces of information coming through our senses at any one time. We have the capacity to pick up on only seven, however. The seven bits you've decided to suck onto with your dear life is clearly not the whole picture.

And so I ask the question once again, what if you have it utterly wrong? What if, and it is just a question, but what if you have it Sooooo wrong, like as wrong as those who swore to high heaven that the world was flat? What if you are a hell of a lot more awesome than you believe you are? How would that impact your presentations, your speech your goals and your achievements then? 

Ingz. X

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