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The public speaking myth

Hey Rebooters,

When I tell people that I express my voice most commonly through public speaking, the very first thing they are sure to share back is their fears. The very next thing I share, however, is that I wasn't born public speaking. Like most babies, I screamed my merry head, utterly peeved at being pushed to leave the comfort of my mother's warm womb. On being yanked out, I did not launch into a fully fledged speech:

"Hey Rubes (mum's name, short for Ruby), why the hell have you forced me to come here, it's blooming freezing mate!!!??? Okay, my journey so far. Cool nine months. Bit stingy on the grub second semester, was stressed with that row you had three weeks ago, but otherwise, you did good did good."

Err, no. When you see me out there doing my public speaking thing it is as a result of learning, practicing and mastering my craft as well as, most importantly, going through the hills and valleys of finding my voice. Truth be known, my father didn't want to know me and I wasted many a years thinking this made me imperfect. From a young child in primary school, I became compelled to become a great speaker in the hope that it would make him feel differently about me. I did put that one to bed eventually, but what came out of it was some pretty awesome public speaking skills. The reason I'm sharing this is so you know it is something that I learned. Motivated by a dodgy dad, nonetheless, to learn it well.  We aren't born public speaking. We learn it. 

When you see anyone out there for that matter doing anything particularly mind blowing, the same rules applied. From the swish salsa dancer on the dance floor to the yoga teacher doing bends in places where there are bones, they learned, practiced and mastered. Nothing is beyond you.

Likewise, when you see someone who is not all that cool yet at any art form, it's because they are in still in the learning phase and perhaps, depending on the skill, put themselves out there too soon. The only reason someone gets to mastery and someone doesn't is simply because one quit. There may well be for valid reasons for quitting. Indeed, doing anything creative will make you want to quit loads. There are many things I have quit.  Running in the park, for example.  I would SO love to be one of those runners I see running in the park. I started, however, but then I quit, hence, I'm not one of those runners running in the park.

What throws the need to practice 'public speaking,' out the window is the 'speaking', element. We see it as 'speaking' in general. What throws the spanner in the process even more. is because the aim is to be as though we are just speaking. The same with needing to master our communication skills. We are communicating all the time. It's not at the forefront of our minds, however, that there are skills to be learned there too. The thing is, those who are compelling and who make an impact are using techniques that have become habitual. Their brain, after tons of practice has been rewired with the new skills. It is this that makes it appear natural.

We really should start calling it as many do, The 'Art of Public Speaking.' Or if I had my choice it would be simply called learning the art of communication. I've added, 'The Art' and removed 'The Public' bit because when you have found your voice, you are the same person both on AND off the stage. Wherever you go you would communicate compellingly and leave behind a memorable fingerprint. A stamp so to speak.

Also, if we prefixed it with 'The Art,' of communication, you would be more inclined to not be fobbed off with one-day courses promising to make you a public speaker in a day. Or being able to ooze confidence, as I have also seen written, after a one-day workshop. We would also recognise the fear aspect, not as fear period, but as simply not having enough competence. Confidence and competence are two entirely different things yet often confused.

Just like PR experts have to rattle on about press releases when the truth is they hardly send them ,I have had to use the words 'fear of public speaking' only because it is SO ingrained into our psyches. Once I get you on board, however, it is identifying how much competence you have and how your lack of competence is playing out. The confidence aspect comes at the end of the training, not before.

Confidence alone doesn't mean you have made an impact either. The impact comes as a result of having a voice AND communicating that voice using beautiful finely tuned communication skills.

Ladies, nothing is beyond you. Not a darn thing. The only thing between the great's and the not so great is practice. No magic formula and no one day course.

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