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Episode: A teenager with a voice. In conversation with Jasmine Stephen

Many women are still metaphorically burnt at the stake for having a voice. It takes courage and strength, therefore, to stand up for what you believe in. 

Your unique perspective, nonetheless, could change the world. Bring an end to inequality, homelessness climate change or a solution to Brexit., irrespective of your age. Check out my interview with Teenager with a Voice, Jasmine Stephen. 

See Jasmine's bio below.

Bio  of Jasmine Stephen

Jasmine grew up all over in East London and has had the privilege to travel around the world from a young age. She says these experiences have influenced the way in which she lives her life and how she constructs perceptions. She started writing just earlier this year and says that once she started / she just couldn't;t stop. She expresses herself through spoken word poetry and has been published in an amazing book, called words/by! A lot of her poetry stems from societal issues and also empowers women by focusing on altering perception to influence change. Her aim is to motivate and encourage people of her age group to build up their confidence and seek something they enjoy and flourish in because like a woman of my own heart, she believes that everyone has the talent and the capability to do so. 



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