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The Badass Gal talks to Saima Majid about how she got badass about her mental health and reclaimed her mojo.

Hey Badasses,

As you know I am passionate about you protecting your mind as a prerequisite to being more badass and increasing your influence. How do you restore your badassery, however, if your mental health has been compromised by the stresses of life? What if you feel your culture silences you from even addressing the issue? This is an awesome fireside chat with Transformatioal Life Coach, Holistic Personal Trainer, Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate, Saima Majid.

After battling with mental illness in 2014, Saima is on a mission to empower individuals to unlock inner potential and create the life they truly deserve to live. She believed that coming Asian Community where emotions are not easily expressed made her recovery even more challenging.

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She eventually realised, however, that she had spent her life thus far dimming down her truth and authentic self in order to survive in the world around her. She spent the next few years investing heavily in her own development and growth. This resulted in her unlocking her limiting beliefs and inner fears which resulted in her now confident, bold and empowered self.

Join me in entering Saima's world where she now educates and shares the knowledge that she learned to transform the lives of others, find their inner truth and set them off on the road to happiness.

The Badass Gal!

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