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EPISODE: Hidden Truths - In conversation with Faye Chang on trauma, depression and using homeopathy to fight back

Many were torn from their sunny homes in the Caribbean and brought to the UK as young children as their parent's sought a better life. Or, were left behind while their parent's came to the UK and left with families who mentally abused them. 

Either way, many experienced trauma and because it was deemed as normal it wasn't spoken about. Hear Faye's story.

Bio below

I was born in a small close-knit village in the mountains of St Ann Jamaica. London has been my permanent home since I arrived in Brixton at the age of 5 after the death of my maternal grandmother.
At age forty. I was diagnosed with depression, as a result and used homeopathy to restore my health.
I have a passion for reading and books and enjoyed 15 years working in the magazine and book publishing industry. So, setting up Earthrise Books is a natural progression. 
My first book by a first-time author Lou Christou is a novella about family, trauma and addiction, which I am very excited about.  I will also be publishing a book about Soho, its local community and the areas rapid transformation into a kind of sanitized playground and fake bohemia for the super-rich.
I am also the mother with a wonderful daughter and two fabulous granddaughters.

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