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Episode: Think yourself young. Part two with Mike Daligan


I started running in my fifties (check out my running transformation). While I'm running, nonetheless, I tell myself that I'm thirty! This is because I just refuse to be defined by the images that are pumped into our subconscious as to what I should think, look and feel like for my age.

According to research by badass Professor Ellen Langer, this may not be as nutty as it seems. In fact, I have ALWAYS truly believed that I am younger than the age/label the world would just love to stamp on my forehead. It's a total badass thing to do to write your own rules. I am not alone in this belief. This week is part two of my interview with Mike Daligan. While most People Mike’s age are donning their slippers and wrapping up in their cardi’s, he is on his sixth career. He also ran the marathon in his later years - twice! In this truly entertaining podcast, we are asking the questions, can we think ourselves young and is age just a mindset?
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Mike Daligan's Bio

Mike had an interesting life during which he has been fostered, signed into
the army at 15, married, divorced, an assistant architect, single parent, student, community activist, barman, cleaner, chef and unemployed before joining the voluntary sector. There he rescued charities from closure and made them successful, for which he received national commendations. 16 years ago he set up his own business. He has run the London Marathon twice and renovated five properties as well as having bouts of depression. Following therapy, he is now happily married, embarked on his 6th career in writing and public
speaking and about to enrol for an MA at the same university as his youngest daughter. He likes to think that he is living proof that it really is never too late as long as you persevere.

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