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TV: The Badass Gal speaks to Badass Relationship Coach Confi Chiname on manifesting a love life that sets your soul on fire.

Hey Badasses,

For today's Unleash Your Inner Badass show we are looking at ways of manifesting a love life that sets your soul on fire!

For this awesome topic, I'm speaking with Relationship Coach Confi Chiname. Confi helps spiritual women to reignite their magic and manifest outstanding relationships.

See Confi's full story below.

Confi's Story

I spent most of my life chasing achievements, success and relationships because I was taught that these were the things that would bring me happiness.

By age 24 I had the outstanding grades, my dream job, and a man, yet I felt really empty. None of these things actually made me happy, I began to feel hopeless and I felt like I had tried everything.

This quickly spent me on a downward spiral lasting months. I became very depressed, then my boyfriend dumped me and I didn’t even want to be alive anymore.

This is when I was introduced to the self-development world and learned that I had all the power within me to change my reality.

I spent the last four years on a journey of self-discovery where I have reignited my power as a woman. I have built a life and relationships that I am completely in love with. And now I help other women do the same.

I am also an Accountant working for an amazing charity in the UK.

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