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Avocado with scotch bonnet pepper and poached eggs on toast

the badass gal avocado on toast

A flavorsome kick-ass twist to the traditional avocado and toast.


Sourdough bread

1 large avocado

1 small scotch bonnet pepper

Bunch coriander

Sprinkling garlic granules

Salt and pepper


 How would you add your voice to the popular avacado on toast?

Scoop out your ripe avocado and add a handful of chopped coriander.

Meanwhile toast your sourdough bread and top with a handful of soft lettuce leaves.

Add a driizzling of olive oil to the avocado mix

Thinly slice half a thumbnail size of a Caribbean scotch bonnet pepper. Add a few seeds from the pepper if you're feeling a little  on the nutty side and add to the mix

Add a sprinkling of garlic granules plus salt and pepper to taste and mash all together with a fork. 

Pile on top of the salad leaves

Optional, poached a boiled egg in hot boiling water and place lovingly on top of mixture.

There you go, Badass avocado and scotch bonnet pepper with poached eggs.

Optional: Poached Egg

For the poached eggs, boil hot water in a pan until boiling vigorously. Now you could just crack an egg into the water at this stage and remove after around three minutes. However, to give the egg a nice shape, take a knife and swish the water around to form a vacuum. When the water is whirling around independent of you twirling it pop crack an egg into the centre. when Cooked place on top of the mixture.



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