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The Unleash Your Inner Badass Leadership Programme

Ingrid Marsh 1-2-1 female empowerment and communications coach

Ingrid Marsh is revolutionising the way we tackle confidence and wellbeing for women and those from minority groups. Her programme also addresses our unconscious bias and its silent impact on self-esteem, communication skills and reaching your full potential. 

Forming strong, positive and authentic relationships as well as being able to motivate and inspire others is the foundation for achieving personal goals. Women and those from minority groups however, are affected by stereotype threat, a hard-wired limiting belief that sabotages performance and prevents them from reaching their full potential. These fixed mindsets also result in a judgmental culture that unconsciously impacts how individuals communicate with those who are different to themselves, while also, forces those who are being stereotyped to dim their light to fit in. 

For years we believed that our ability is governed by genetics. Now scientific research, such as that from Dr. Carol Dweck, highlights that ability is not solely a result of genetics but is learned.  

Discover how female employees and those from minority groups are able to boost their self-confidence and wellbeing as well as becoming more compelling communicators through ditching hard-wired limiting beliefs about their ability (especially those steeped in stereotypes). By developing new healthy habits to power through the many hurdles they face and through developing a growth mindset to excel beyond their usual boundaries. 

The Programme

The programme has been developed and tested from working with children at a Saturday school and teaching communication and public speaking skills to adults. This has proved that learnable techniques and environment make the difference and not DNA. Attendees achieve better outcomes by mastering the skills I teach them through repetition and applying the feedback I give them. The Unleash Your Inner Badass programme provides attendees with a powerful set of skills, strategies, and principles to fundamentally shape their lives and positively impact their work. It will guide them through the transformation necessary to express themselves in a more powerful way and to reach their goals. I use mindfulness to calm the amygdala area of the brain and then equip them with growth mindset tools and communication skills to make an impact and influence change. 

Outcomes for attendees

  • Identify and overcome the biases that impact their communication skills, self-esteem, and wellbeing
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to manage their emotions and express themselves compellingly
  • Develop advanced listening skills to form deep relationships
  • Increase mental and physical resilience
  • Develop compelling communication skills and increase their confidence to speak up and speak out
  • Use growth mindset tools to excel beyond their usual boundaries
  • Increase their influence at work and boost their creativity 

The investment

Free taster session available. Please use the contact form below.

FULL Programme: Four x 2-hour workshops £2400 (up to 24 people)

One and ½ hour workshop £450
Half day workshop £800 (3 hours)
Full day workshop £1200 (5 hours 24)

Travel expenses charged at £50/hour pro rata  (half an hour minimum)

For non-profit making organisations – please contact me to discuss further. 


"To Ingrid Marsh, for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women."

Andrea Jiménez  - Academic

"When I attended Ingrid's Women with Voices Programme, I was in a very difficult place - losing my home and relationships around me breaking down. 

What the course did for me was help me face the reality of my situation - I cried tears, I prayed and I sat down, through the pain, and wrote those letters.  It's been two days since the last day of the course and the cloud has lifted, I am building resilience and I have had a breakthrough with one of those letters. 

I always look forward to Ingrid's workshops - Ingrid is present and got us to be present and show up for ourselves.  The workshops were fun and there was a lot of learning and transformation in the room.   

Ingrid's style of delivery as a trainer is powerful - she is an honest and vulnerable communicator in sharing her own journey.  Ingrid is knowledgeable and sensitive and her infectious laughter helped us to navigate our own journey. 

If you want to be challenged and stretched, Ingrid is the person to facilitate your growth and inspire change."

 Andrea from Battersea 

“Dear Ingrid,

it has been a pleasure attending the "Women with Voices" unleash your inner badass workshop. It was a totally new experience for me and also most interesting to see that I can still discover new things and be educated despite my advanced age. It allowed me to reflect, analyse and better understand many aspects of my personality and my life.”

Anna Tyczynska

“I am so pleased to have attended the Women With Voices workshop. Ingrid is a truly inspirational person, she has a calming nature that makes you feel at ease in her company. I have learnt so much about unleashing my inner voice that was always there, just hidden deep within. Ingrid taught us how to calm our nerves when speaking publicly, which is a major issue for many of us. Thank you Ingrid.”

Denise Hamilton