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Ingrid Marsh, aka The Badass Gal, is a Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Female Empowerment Coach, a Broadcaster and Growth Mindset Guru. Her poem, the The Blind Side, has been published in a Collection of Poems called 'Words by' funded by Unicef. With her work on unconscious bias prevalent in the tech we create, she is also a member of the @IEEE AI ethics committee.

In order for her son to reach his full potential, as a single mother, Ingrid has moved her son three times from schools that had limited expectations of him. In one school, despite achieving straight five's in his Sat's and an impeccable behavioural record, he and all the other black boy's with similar ability were denied the opportunity to do treble science. This was despite achieving higher scores than their peers. Ingrid moved him mid-secondary. In the new school he achieved an A* in Physics, A* in chemistry and A* in Biology with raw scores that shot through the roof. He is one of the few black boys recently joining a Russel Group University. All this took an impact on Ingrid's health, nonetheless.

To empower women, at age 50 she then totally transformed her health  by running everyday for 30-days in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed the Beast From the East and vlogged it. Looking nothing like the stereotypical park runner, it was to demonstrate growth mindset. To illustrate that age, outward characteristics, social status or the size of your butt, has nothing to do with ability; but rather, through the gentle art of placing one foot in front of the other, you can make the seemingly impossible, possible. 

She is on a mission to help women raise their consciousness above the stereotypes that limit them and become self-fulfilling prophesies.


According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, your inner warrior is a fundamental universal archetype that when cultivated equips you with the resilience, confidence and courage to  overcome fears and reach unlimited goals. Described as game-changing, Ingrid's talk, The Pathway to awakening your  inner warrior, ignites passion, inspires greater self-belief and boosts self-confidence.

While being a whole load of fun, her talks and workshops have been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence, healthy habits, and talent actually grows.

If you and or, your team are ready to disconnect from the gender stereotypes, stigma and shaming that is unconsciously silencing their badassery, contact us.


We all live with the knowledge that there are certain rules we have to follow or fulfill when it comes to being a woman (and increasingly a man). While society portrays only one type of stereotypical woman in the media, however, the overall impact of stereotype threat is widespread. It erodes women's self-esteem and stifles creativity. Research also shows unconscious biases and fixed mindset cultures also impacts our wellbeing and through becoming self-fulfilling prophecies, prevent women from reaching their full potential. The situation is compounded further for fear of eliciting what is known as stereotype threat. This is where women and those from minority groups are reluctant to try anything new for fear of confirming the stereotype of their social group.


Dubbed the Oprah for this generation, Ingrid's talk: The  Pathway to awakening your inner warrior, revolutionises the way we tackle women's confidence.

She does this through getting them to slow down, propel beyond the limitations of gender roles, age and race, and to unleash unshakeable confidence. With the growth of our unconscious biases and stereotypes being perpetuated in Artificial Intelligence also, her other signature talks includes: Busting Bias in AI. This talk raises awareness of the biases being perpetuated in technology and provides ways of mitigating it's impact. 


While being a whole load of fun, her talks and workshops have been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence, healthy habits, and talent actually grows


Attendees describe her talks and workshops as being more like experiences that take audiences on a mind-blowing journey. Ingrid has empowered hundreds of women to ditch their unconscious biases and limiting beliefs around their gender, race, bodies and marital status, to name but a few; to express their individuality and to achieve extraordinary success in both their professional and personal lives. 


Through her Campaign, Getting Busting Bias in AI, Ingrid is also on a mission to raise awareness of the unconscious biases being perpetuated in artificial intelligence, how it erodes women's confidence and wellbeing, and what we can do to mitigate its impact. Please sign here.

Unleash The Badass Gal Within Talk


Scientific research, such as that from Dr. Carol Dweck, highlights that ability is not solely a result of genetics but is learned. Ingrid’s work has also been developed and tested from working with children at a Saturday school and teaching communication and public speaking skills to executives. It proved that learnable techniques and environment largely makes the difference to ability and not DNA.


Her talks and workshops especially empower women and those from minority groups to not to see themselves stereotypically, but rather, to bring their whole selves to work, express themselves fully and unleash lashings amount of creativity. An outcome that helps organisations to boost engagement, happiness and productivity.


Ingrid's journey started out when she started teaching women public speaking. The women were struggling to be themselves, the prerequisite to be compelling, making an impact and increasing their influence. When she would ask them why, however, there was a reoccurring limiting belief that their ability was connected to what they 'looked like' and steeped in stereotypes. And so at age 50 and looking nothing like the stereotypical park runner, she vlogged her transformation from a couch potato to a runner in the park. She ran for an hour every day for 30-days in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed The Beast From The East.

It was to not only make healthy a habit, but to illustrate growth mindset (a term coined by Dr Caol Dwek, Professor of Psychology at Standford University). To demonstrate to women and the world, that outward characteristics has nothing to with ability, but rather, the gentle act of putting one foot in front of the other.

Another thing that brought Ingrid here was her son. As a single parent, she moved her son mid-secondary from a school riddled with unconscious biases and more. Despite an impeccable behavioural record and leaving his primary school with straight fives in his SATs, they refused him and those of the same race and ability, the opportunity to do treble science in their GCSEs. In the new school, one with a growth mindset and with their unconscious biases in check, although still a minority, among a string of A's and A*'s in all academic subjects in his GCSE's, he sat the treble science he was previously denied and achieved an A* in Physics, A* in Biology and an A* in Chemistry. Further evidence that stereotyping and our unconscious biases are preventing women and minority groups from reaching their full potential. 


The Badass Gal, the running motivator

 Ingrid's 30-day growth mindset transformation



In her earlier career, Ingrid worked in Account Management serving major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Her communications skills have led to voice-overs for radio ads aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was a life coach columnist for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. She has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show and joined panels on OH TV sky 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and UK Olympian Will Bayley.  


As a single mother, over fifteen years ago, she founded the kickass prestigious French lifestyle store in Islington that turned over a quarter of a million within just a few months of trading. She owned properties and with no family support funded her son's private school education. 


The Badass Gal, The Motivational Runner 

Interview on Hayes FM

Ingrid Marsh, aka, The Badass Gal uses a medley of mindfulness and personal development tools to empower women to dissolve their fears, propel beyond the limitations of gender roles, age and race and to reach their full potential. 


The motivational runner, The Badass Gal

For most of her life Ingrid refused to define herself or her ability by her stereotype. That was all except for one area. She was a child of a single parent. Her father didn't want to know her and for that label, she went onto label herself incomplete. Her father had left her mother when she was pregnant with Ingrid for her mother's niece - her first cousin. It would be true to say that she went into broadcasting and mastered the art of public speaking in the vain hope that he would see her name one day and squirm with regret. 

After over forty years at trying to get back at her father, however, it was one rainy day in a pub in Balham that Ingrid suddenly realised she was mentally, spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Her quest to get back at her father had brought her to her knees. 

That is when she suddenly said to herself, enough is enough. She was complete, she decided, just the way she jolly well was. Holding her pen like a knife, she scrawled her father's name on a napkin, went outside and burnt it.
Holding her pen like a knife, she scrawled her father's name on a napkin, went outside and burnt it.
She cried, and at that moment, forgave him for abandoning her, but most importantly, she forgave herself for giving him the power to define her worth.

Ingrid then decided to put the skills she had acquired in broadcasting and public speaking to get back at her father to better use. She decided to empower women to ditch the negative beliefs around their stereotype, to recognise that the perfection is in the imperfection and that with self-belief and repetition of key skills, nothing is in fact beyond them.  


If your team are ready to soar with confidence through adopting a more Badass mindset, to increase engagement, productivity and creativity through tapping into their innate power and increase their profits through adopting a more inclusive mindset, book Ingrid for a Talk Today.

The Badass Gal provides breakout sessions, workshops, joins panels and is a keynote orator who has been described by Google and more as a fantastic public speaker.

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TESTIMONIAL (see more below)

Ingrid Marsh is a phenomenal and captivating speaker! Ingrid gave our Closing Keynote and not only did she capture our audience, she also related to each and every one of them. This in itself is a characteristic of a phenomenal speaker. Ingrid carried the audience along on her journey AND actively made them a part of her delivery. She bravely shared her most personal struggles and showed vulnerability which truly inspired and connected with the audience. She was truthful, blunt and 100% transparent as she spoke to the audience of Career minded Women in Business. 

Jessica Ajayi, Event Organiser  - Get Supply Ready.  


Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach redefining charisma


1. Unleash The Badass Gal Within - The Rebel Gal's Pathway to Unbreakable Self-Belief

A talk that empowers and equip participants with tools to disconnect from negative messages, especially those steeped in stereotypes; shatter their inner glass ceiling, reach their full potential, boost engagement and unleash ridiculous levels of creativity.

2. Get Badass about Bias - Unconscious Biases, Artificial Intelligence and Mitigating it's impact.

A fun yet thought-provoking talk on raising awareness of the unconscious biases prevalent in imagery and AI. The talk includes empowering ways of mitigating its impact and helps organisations to boost productivity, unleash new levels of creativity, develop a more cognitively diverse workforce, create more inclusive tech and bring about a more conscious, engaged and happier workforce.


By the end of her talks participants will be equipped with tools to: 

  • Rock a new unshakeable level of self-belief
  • Bring their authentic selves to work and unleash new levels of creativity 
  • Adopt a growth rather than a fixed mindset, be more inclusive and propel beyond their usual boundaries
  • Be empowered to speak up and speak out compellingly
  • Bring their unique ideas, solutions and perspectives to the table
  • Dissolve the limiting beliefs holding them back 
  • Acquire more power, presence, and personal impact 
  • Communicate their vision with confidence 


How to be an authentic entrepreneur 

Badass Body Language - It's not what you say it's how you say it. 

Power, presence and personal impact

The power of storytelling



“Ingrid Marsh is a fantastic public speaker!” 

— Google Campus

"Always love listening to the wonderful Ingrid Marsh"

 — Robert McCargow, PWC, Artificial Intelligence Programme Leader and the 38th most influential person in the world in AI.  

"Just wanted to say thank you for the talk on Monday. It has certainly got us thinking about the unconscious bias that might exist in the work we do. We spend a lot of time trying to avoid personal bias, that's important for great design but I've never really considered there might be a gender, race, social bias lurking within the design patterns we choose. it's helpful to be reminded where our blind spots might be. Thanks again.

-- Elliot Engers - Co Founder and CEO Infinity Health

Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw.”

— Lanre Atijosan - The Beauty Bank

“Great opening presentation by Ingrid Marsh. Thought provoking indeed!”


“Great energy, great speaker, great inspiration with some wonderful tips too.”

— Sara Stafford-Williams

“I echo the too! great event last night. Loved the vibe and the positive energy in the room.”

— Parwinder Dale

“Wonderful event! Love what you are doing and stand for. ”

— Natasha Hayles

“If I wore a wig could I come to your courses too?” — Michael G