I am thrilled to announce that our candles contain no soy, paraffin, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. They also contain no beeswax and are totally vegan-friendly. Our herbal teas are organic and sourced from certified growers who are also members of FairWild. 

Organic herbal teas 

Our herbal teas are organic and sourced from certified growers who are also certified members of FairWild. An organisation who are about the sustainability of wild plants.

Our food grade organic herbal tea packaging is made from biodegradable kraft paper with a bio-degradable zip lock.

Aromatherapy candles

Many Chandlers use soy as a natural alternative to paraffin candles. While being plant-based, however, soy cultivation is a major driver of deforestation in the Amazon basin.

Months and months of tireless research and development was taken therefore, to find a natural alternative that also smelt beautiful. Soulful Living aromatherapy candles contain certified non-GMO Rapeseed Wax and unscented coconut wax. Most of the coconut used in our wax comes from small holder farmers in the Philippines or Indonesia (approximately one third of Filipino farmers and their families make their living from coconut production). There is no forest removal in order to plant new coconut trees and all farming contacts are closely monitored in that regard. Furthermore, our supplier is pioneering a programme to train more farmers on sustainable coconut agricultural practices.

Our wax is pesticide-free, from renewable sources, cleaner than other waxes, burns longer, and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. Our candles also contain 100%  pure therapeutic natural essential oils with many therapeutic properties which will be released into the air when burnt. 

Our glass jars can easily be washed out after it's finished and kept for your own use such as planting flower seeds, storing spices or recycled.