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The Reboot Process

The Reboot Process

The Unplug Zone:

The Reboot pottery workshops

As the world moves faster and faster there is more and more noise vying for your attention. Along with the constant chatter in our own minds and the unconscious biases perpetuated in the world around us, it is easy to see how we can lose sight of who we really are. The unplug sessions will provide you with tools to remove the heavy layers off your shoulders, enhance your mental wellbeing, manage your emotions in difficult situations, stop anxieties about fitting in, make more conscious decisions in line with your authentic self and replace limiting beliefs about yourself and others.

The Discover Zone:

Reboot helps to discover who you areThe Discover section will equip you with skills to build resilience and reach your full potential such as training in growth mindset, visualisation techniques, journaling and more.

The Unleash Zone:

Unleash your voice

Power back up and unleash your awesomeness! In this section, you will be equipped with tools to express yourself authentically in any given situation and to articulate your unique ideas compellingly.

How are experiences different?

  • A unique combination of wellbeing and personal development
  • Increases your motivation, job satisfaction, relationships and creativity by helping you to bring your whole self to your business, work and play
  • It rigorously addresses the pressure to cover up who you authentically are while challenging anxieties about fitting in
  • It gives you the tools you need to express yourself authentically and to remove limiting beliefs about your gender, race and current life situation
  • Opens up opportunities to promotion through increased self-confidence and helps you to develop a growth mindset to build resilience and reach your full potential