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REST: Organic Limeflower, Rosebuds and Lavender flower

REST: Organic Limeflower, Rosebuds and Lavender flower

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This herbal infusion is a medley of relaxing, comforting and deeply calming notes created to soothe your mind, body and soul.

    Organic Limeflower, Rosebuds and Lavender flower

    Our Limeflower comes from Eastern Europe where it is sustainably wild harvested. The herb collection areas are organic, and in some cases certified FairWild, which ensures that there is no damage to the ecosystem or depletion of the plant resources for the future.

    Often wild plant collectors have undertaken the collections for generations and know exactly how much to harvest and when, and how to achieve the best quality and quantity of herbs. In Poland the collection areas are in the east of the country, on the edge of one of the last Primeval areas of forest in Europe, the Bialowieza forest. The collection areas, under permission from the Forestry Department, form an important buffer zone on the edge of the forest, allowing local people to make an extra income whilst helping to protect the forest from development. Our Rose buds come from the remote mountains of South East Iran where the subsistence farmers used to grow poppies to generate much needed additional income. The semi-arid climate of the mountains offers a perfect environment for growing Roses that are high in essential oils. Our supplier has worked with this prosuction team for a number of years, as they support farmers to move to Rose cultivation and switch to organic farming methods.

    • Organic

    • Caffeine Free

    • 100% Compostable eco-friendly packaging that meets the EU DIN EN 13432-2000

    • Comes with six easy to use biodegradable unbleached tea bags

    Infuse for 5 minutes before enjoying.

    Packaged by hand in London.

    Around 6 servings. Net weight. approx. 20g