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1-2-1 or Group Coaching: Unleash Your Inner Badass Programme

1-2-1 or Group Coaching: Unleash Your Inner Badass Programme

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1-2-1 Unleash Your Inner Badass Programme

Available as a 1-2-1 online, face-to-face, or group coaching.

The problem:

The memory of past failures become cemented in our minds. In addition, on an unconscious level, beliefs steeped in stereotypes are entrenched into our subconscious by age six. Research shows these biases slowly erode women's self-esteem, wellbeing and how they communicate. In addition, women have been made to believe that their ability is down to genetics. Now, however, science from experts such as Dr. Carol DWECK proves, skills are learned. Nevertheless, because these beliefs are so hardwired, and operating on autopilot, logic is not able to take over and have you express yourself both on and off the stage in a memorable way.

The Solution

The unleash your inner badass programme is a 'whole person' approach and a revolutionary way of boosting confidence, communicating compellingly and being a memorable communicator.

Discover how people like YOU are now ditching hard-wired limiting beliefs that have held them back for years and, through developing new healthy habits, mindfulness techniques, and growth mindset tools, are propelling both at work and in their personal lives as well as influencing change.

While being a whole load of freakin fun, the Unleash Your Inner Badass programme has been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence, confidence, communication skills, happiness and talent actually grows.  



At the end of your 1-2-1 or two hours per day group coaching programme, you will be equipped with:

  • Mindfulness techniques to overcome paralyzing fear when wanting to speak up and speak out or step outside of your comfort zone. To also help overcome the impact of hidden gremlins, such as stereotype threat. A silent issue that erodes self-esteem and sabotages performance when communicating 
  • Skills to unleash your inner speaker, express your voice compelling, motivate and inspire others
  • Growth mindset and habit-forming tools to build resilience and overcome obstacles
  • Tools to have more confidence at work and in your personal life 
  • Growth mindset tools to propel beyond your usual boundaries 
  • A badass journal to note your insights and development along the way
  • Direction on designing and creating a supportive environment from which to grow
  • Tools to forge strong relationships

    Plus, you'll become a member of a community of awesome women on the same journey as you for support, motivation, and encouragement 

  • Testimonial
    Dear Ingrid, 
    It has been a pleasure attending the "Women with Voices" workshop. It was a totally new experience for me and also most interesting to see that I can still discover new things and be educated despite my advanced age. It allowed me to reflect, analyse and better understand many aspects of my personality and my life.
    Thank you,

    - Anna Tyczynska
    The programme comprises of three elements, Unplug, Discover, Unleash

    The Unplug element:  Create a soul space from which to grow. This is alongside a unique combination of mindfulness techniques to calm the amygdala area of the brain associated with fear and negative thought patterns.

    The Discover element:  Skills are taught in adopting a growth-mindset to learn from mistakes, unleash creativity, discover your voice and develop in both your professional and personal life.

    Unleash element: The Unleash element is where you are equipped with tools to express yourself creatively and or increase you influence using the power of voice.  The tools will help you to motivate and inspire others as well as be able to change virtually every area of your life.


    Hi Ingz 

    Just wanted to THANK YOU again for the 4-day WWV Unleash Your Inner Badass Programme you facilitated over 4 weeks.  You are sooo cool and I so loved the way you ran the classes - so naturally, full of spirit and fun!

    Sharon McDonald

    Every session there is training in your communication skills. In addition in:

    Week one:
    1. Introduction to Rumpelstiltskin, the rascal in your mind making a lot of noise, impacting your health, eroding your self-esteem and preventing you from reaching your full potential.
    2. Growth mindset tools to build mental resilience, silence Rumple and propel beyond your usual boundaries
    3. Skills to develop confidence in everything you do

    Week two:

    1. Gentle tools on unleashing more of your powerful authentic self
    2. Deleting the lies from your hard drive and becoming complete just the way you are
    3. Authentic body language skills
    4. Finding your voice and making an impact  
    5. More mindfulness techniques to master Rumple 

    Week three:

    1. More on mastering your thoughts and mastering your life
    2. Introduction to your badass Cinderella, Rumple’s enemy
    3. Advanced communication skills
    4. Resilience training
    5. Mental and physical wellbeing to stay strong and power through the hurdles

    Week four:

    1. Creating a soul space from which to grow
    2. Bringing it all together
    3. Graduation


    Dear Ingrid

    When I attended Ingrid's Women with Voices Programme, I was in a very difficult place - losing my home and relationships around me breaking down.
    What the course did for me was help me face the reality of my situation. At home I cried tears, I prayed and I sat down, through the pain, and wrote those letters. It's been two days since the last day of the course and the cloud has lifted, I am building resilience and I have had a breakthrough with one of those letters.

    I always look forward to Ingrid's workshops - Ingrid is present and got us to be present and show up for ourselves.  The workshops were fun and there was a lot of learning and transformation in the room.  
    Ingrid's style of delivery as a trainer is powerful - she is an honest and vulnerable communicator in sharing her own journey.  Ingrid is knowledgeable and sensitive and her infectious laughter helped us to navigate our own journey.

    If you want to be challenged and stretched, Ingrid is the person to facilitate your growth and inspire change.

    - Andrea from Battersea

    Who is it for? 

  • You want to stop playing small and dimming your light 
  • Your lack of confidence is driving you insane
  • You often have a feeling that you were destined to inspire and motivate others
  • You want to make a positive impact at work, in an area that matters to you and  make a mark in the world 
  • Want authentic presence and compelling communication skills to share your story in a way that inspires and positively impacts your community
  • Would confidently like to be the face of your business in an increasingly busy marketplace 
  • You want the confidence to apply for higher roles at work to make meaningful change


    How and why does the programme boost physical activity and encourage a healthier lifestyle?

    To jump over the many more hurdles women have to face it's imperative that they are also physically strong. If one part of their being breaks down it will directly impact the other. You will be empowered to boost your health also, therefore, by treating your body like your brain - a muscle that gets fitter and stronger through small daily shifts in your physical activity. 

    You speak about a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset a lot, what is that?

    A fixed mindset is the belief that abilities are very much predetermined. Often people believe that their abilities (or other people's abilities) are down to their gender, race or religion, for example. A fixed mindset culture is also fertile ground for what is known as stereotype threat, which is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy., If you believe, for example, you are not good at Maths because you're a woman, you don't do the work necessary that will make you good at maths. Your belief, therefore, unconsciously sabotages your performance. It is where you also become reluctant to attempt anything new or struggle to achieve your best in situations where there are stereotypically negative expectations of you. It is the fear of not conforming to the stereotype of your social group and the anxieties evoked that makes you sabotage your efforts and underperform in areas you are more than capable. Fixed mindset cultures also stifle creative decision making.  As a result, it erodes self-esteem and increases anxiety

    Contrastingly, a growth mindset is the belief that the brain is a muscle that grows and learns from its mistakes. Steeped in Neuroscience, including work by the prominent Dr. Carol Dweck, a growth mindset unlocks mental and physical boundaries and develops greater levels of creativity.

     How does the process work?

    The process is about creating more permanent life-changing habits and calming the part of the brain associated with fear. It's a step-by-step approach that focuses on just a one-degree shift every day. The programme is delivered for two-hours every day over four weeks or four consecutive days. 

    If you're simply gasping to unleash your inner badass for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled you, take your first step today.