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Find your voice - the new personal branding

Whenever I see a personal branding ad I feel like screaming. In fact, I'm lying. I feel like blooming bellowing, especially for us Brits. 

You see for many, an orchestrated brand is far, far, far more appealing than being your authentic self. Asking many of us Brits to be authentic is like asking us to strip bare and tie ourselves to the railings of Buckingham Palace. Gosh no, a perfectly executed personal brand with nice neat little steps to completion is right up our street. The ultimate is a beautifully decorated sheet of steel with beautiful blush peonies to hide behind. Anything where one can retain their stiff upper lip and be perfectly blooming boring and we're sold. 

"Crest has a brand. Perrier has a brand. People are not that simple. When we are packaged, we’re ineffective and inauthentic."

Sheryl Sandberg - Chief Operating Officer Facebook

You are not a lipstick or a pair of jeans, my lovelies, you are a living and breathing human being with your 'unique brand' already tucked away inside of you. A voice that is simply gasping to be unleashed. When you attempt to shroud yourself inside a brand you will neither engage or make a memorable impact. It's a bit like speaking into a recorder and hearing yourself back, how you think you sound is nothing like what you actually hear when you listen back. Personal branding is much the same, what you think you're putting out is not what people 'feel,' which is what branding is all about. 

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Worse still, is when your shit hot website is not congruent with who you are when your audience either meet or see you (which is needed more than ever in this super crowded marketplace). The website, it transpires, was the 'voice' of someone you admired.

It's time to get badass, that is to shatter your fears, find your own unique voice and make a truly memorable impact. However, if being yourself freaks you out check out my video for inspiration. 

Speak soon my lovelies and remember to keep it badass.

Ingz. X

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