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Develop resilience to shaming

 On route to living a more soulful life, be mindful of people in your peer group who may consciously or unconsciously shame you back into conformity. They will often use your race as a way to get you back in line. Indeed, your own mind might also do the same. Develop shame resilience, stay present, and don't let them, or the voice in your head, take you off your path. 


Ingrid Marsh, aka The Soul Babe, is an empowerment coach, diversity and inclusion activist, growth mindset trainer, broadcaster and personal development coach. After a slump at age fifty, she absorbed herself in nature by running every day in the rain and snow over thirty consecutive days and vlogging it. She adopted a primarily plant-based diet and retrained in essential oil candle making to breathe nature's healing aroma in her home She is on a mission for us to take time out to pause in order to improve ourselves, express ourselves fully and create a better world. Her work incorporates mindfulness to calm fears and reinstate self-belief. It also helps us to become mindful of the hidden impact of 'fixed mindset' cultures and unconscious biases on our self-esteem and mental wellbeing.


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