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The Hidden Power of Emotions with Author Dr Melanie Dean.

Book Talk: With Author Dr. Melanie Dean. The Hidden Power of Emotions: How to Activate your Energy Field and Transform your Life

After 15 years building a publishing company for psychologists and psychiatrists, Dr. Melanie Dean went on to sell it for the exact amount of money she had been envisioning. How did the thoughts and feelings she had been nurturing sync up with the opportunities that brought her exactly what she wanted? 

The Hidden Power of Emotions: How to Activate your Energy Field and Transform your Life  is the culmination of 10 years of Dr. Dean’s research in psychology, molecular physics, and quantum physics to answer that question. In her newest book, she reveals the truth that she discovered – there is a science-backed system for tapping your intuition’s power and using it to get what you want.

Dr. Dean explains how each one of us is continually communicating with a living world of energy, whether we realise it or not. Your emotions, which are made up of atoms, create energy waves that leave your body and connect with similar energy. When you focus your feelings on what you want, you begin to intentionally direct your energy, sending out waves that will connect you with and help you achieve your desires.

Dr. Dean shares not only the science behind her research but also strategies to apply it to your everyday life including: · How to feel your way to health. · How to purposefully direct your emotions to connect you with what you want to receive.

· Common struggles that weaken your power (Blame, Fear, Complaining…)

· Easy ways to boost and increase your personal power


 About your host:

Ingrid Marsh, aka The Soul Babe, is an empowerment coach, diversity and inclusion activist, growth mindset trainer, and a personal development coach. She is on a mission for us to take time out to pause in order to improve ourselves, express ourselves fully and create a better world. Her work adopted a holistic approach after a slump at age fifty. Ingrid absorbed herself in nature by running every day in the rain and snow over thirty consecutive days and vlogging it it. She adopted a primarily plant-based diet and retrained in essential oil candle making to breathe nature's healing aroma in her home. Her work helps us to overcome the hidden impact of 'fixed mindset' cultures and unconscious biases on our self-esteem and mental wellbeing so that we can restore inner peace, energy and joy.


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