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The Badass Gal talks to Sade Tuite about her baby being diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer, keeping it badass and taking back her joy.

This is a story of love, strength and courage. Real badass mother's love. Find out how despite a very difficult time when her baby was given just a 15% chance of survival due to kidney cancer, this badass mother, Sade Tuite, came out smiling the other end.

Sadè Tuite works within the marketing sector in the hair & beauty industry. She has 3 children aged 14,10 & 3.

Her son youngest Teddie was diagnosed with cancer in April 2017 at 14 months old. On the 22nd April 2017 a lump appeared on his right hip area. Teddie had no prior symptoms before the lump appeared. Teddie was misdiagnosed after his initial biopsy and MRI scan with a Desmoplastic small round cell tumour and she was told he had a 15% chance at survival. He had to endure five different types of chemotherapy for three months and then operated on to remove the tumour and his left kidney, which she was told had been destroyed by the cancer. Discover how Sade coped during this difficult time, how Teddie is doing now and her three badass tips to other mums who may well be going through the same.
Sadè is passionate about women’s wellbeing and her hobbies include hosting events at her home and outings with her children, family and closest friends just to name a few.