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EPISODE: How to become a published author. In conversation with Danni Blechner from Conscious Dreams Publishing

From Magic to Mundane! How to don your wings and become a published author during the coronavirus lockdown.

My awesome guest today is the wonderful Daniella Blechner. This buoyant babe was booted out of college three times yet not only did she become a best selling author, but she also empowers others to do the same. Check out the video and her bio below.




Daniella Blechner is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Bestselling Author and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence.

Daniella assists authors through the publishing process and helps them to create, publish and market professional books of value and significance. Over the last eighteen months, Conscious Dreams Publishing has published over 70 books, 16 of which have become bestsellers. Daniella has also mentored over 180 authors. She is passionate about empowering authors through this process and is always looking for authors with powerful messages and stories to share with the world; ones that educate, inspire and empower. She runs a workshop for aspiring female authors called The Power of Your Story to assist them in gaining clarity and vision for their book as well as get clear on the self-publishing and writing process. 

She is passionate about providing a platform for women to have their voices heard and stories shared in a space of empowerment. Her conscious dream is to ensure that our unseen images and unheard voices are portrayed positively on a global scale and that those stories are told by those who experience them.