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Flowers that heal us

What if your regular bunch of weekly flowers was more than just that? What if you gravitated towards those said flowers for a reason?

Check out my talk with the spiritual flower lady, Yvette Munasinghe. She helps women to reconnect with their inner self, and set fire to their flame that flickers within. If you're wondering how? She does it all with the aid of mother nature's beautiful gift of the flower.

Yvette's Bio

Yvette Munasinghe is a Flower Therapist and Intuitive Flower Healer, working with the energy of flowers in all that she does and sharing their messages of guidance and love. Four years ago, she decided to take up floristry and realised through the eye of a Ranunculus, that there was more to flowers than the beauty we see with our eyes. Since then she has been on a spiritual journey, connecting with flowers, being taught how to connect with archangels, the shamanic energy that flows through her, and becoming certified as a flower healer. Through her intuitive healing, she helps women who feel like they have lost their identity, who need a little boost with their self-esteem or confidence and helps them gain clarity around situations in their life.

The Getting Your Groove Back Show

We all live with the knowledge that there are certain rules we have to follow when it comes to being a man and woman. While imagery, the media and now AI perpetuate only one type of stereotypical person however, the overall impact of stereotype threat is widespread. It quietly stifles individuality and prevents people from living happy, creative, authentic, passionate lives. With the help of a medley of awesome guests, Getting your groove back is the letting go of the script of who you have been until this moment and the template wired into your consciousness from the day you were born. It is a holistic approach designed to relinquish ingrained beliefs. It begs you to break the rules that are unconsciously eroding your self-confidence and vibe, as well as how you look and feel, and to replace them with better ones.

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