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TV: The Badass Gal talks to Karen Wit about her husbands suicide, how she told the kids and decided she wasn't playing victim.

Karen is a social worker by profession graduating from Massey University in 1998. She experienced a loss as a widow bereaved by suicide.  She lost her first husband to suicide six years ago now and is passionate about raising awareness around suicide and mental health.  She has walked in the shadow of grief and knows what it's like to build a life after loss. A true badass, discover how she healed herself, her children and fought back.

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She is now married to Chris and has three beautiful children. She has worked in a range of Social Services in her social work career in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  

Karen is currently working as a Life Coach for Tapping Into Life, Life Coaching.  She offers Skype sessions and face to face and also facilitates her own workshops on holistic wellness.  Karen also works for a non-profit organisation, called Hearts and Minds, facilitating  Wellness Groups on managing anxiety, energy levels and cognitive behavioural therapy.