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How to ease the winter blues naturally

How to ease Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. It is sometimes known as the “winter depression” or “winter blues” because the symptoms are typically more apparent and more severe during the winter. It affects around three in one hundred people in the UK and around twenty percent of the US population, primarily those in northern climates. Of course, seasonality affects people all over the world. 


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As a working mum Kerry  soon fell into the trap of not looking after herself. By the time she was 40 she was exhausted, stressed, out of shape and out of love with herself. It was having a huge impact on her family, marriage, business and happiness.


Her journey, nevertheless, started as a successful career as a Commonwealth Games Heptathlete, and Physical Education teacher. She became a mum and moved into coaching. She was a Great Britain Athletics Team Coach for 14 years , a National Coach mentor for England Athletics and also set up her own business working with athletes and local mums.


To be a Heptathlete, nevertheless, takes serious mind and emotional control. During this show she shares with us how we can use aspects or her mindset to ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, regain balance and energy, and feel alive once more. 


Kerrie Eddie’s Bio 


Kerry Eddie, an experienced coach in the health, wellness and fitness industry who specialises in helping driven working mums over 30 who want to take control of their emotions and energy + thrive in all areas of their life. Along with professional women who appear to have it all but on the inside are unfulfilled and struggling, knowing that things could be better and they want more from life.


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As a working mum I soon fell into the trap of not looking after myself. Desperate to feel appreciated, in control and successful again I studied, sought help, worked with some of the best coaches in the world and after investing £1000’s and many years trying to ' have it all’ while running myself and marriage in to the ground I found the missing link and was able to turn my health, relationships and business completely around. .and so my 'Invincible Women Coaching Programmes' were created.


After years of helping hundreds of women to lose weight, regain their health and fitness only to sabotage it again when life got busy I started to coach women through the mindset tools and strategies that had helped me finally stop the self sabotage cycle.


My Invincible Women Programmes have helped driven busy women to take back control of their emotions and energy, lose weight, feel good about themselves, reignite their relationships and create a life that they love without compromises, feeling guilty, relying on willpower or running themselves into the ground.


Kerry’s new upgraded signature programme 'Invincible Woman Blueprint' is a 90-day online high touch mind and body mentorship programme for driven working mums who want to live in a body they love, with less stress and thrive in all areas of their life


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