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Episode: How to funk up your home energy with feng shui. In conversation with Karen Miknas.

During the lockdown did you notice an emotional shift in your home from being in the same place for longer than usual with your family? There may also be an unconscious negative impact on your energy built up from all the bleak news around COVID 19. 

Environment is everything and we have no idea how long these lockdown rules will be in place for. In order to be there for the long hall, to protect our relationships and bring more abundance into our lives, it's important, nonetheless, that we have high vibrations running through our homes. I invited my dear friend and Feng Shui expert Karen Miknas to take us through the ropes. 

Karen's Bio:

Coming from a place of self doubt, lack of self worth and lack of self confidence Karen has spent the last 4/5 years an intense journey self discovery.  This came after spending 20 years two10 year abusive relationships, which left her feeling and believing she was worth little and would never amount to anything….which impacted her life on many levels.


Through self-development Karen discovered strengths and talents that she never new existed.  She moved from being a victim to a victor. From having no belief in herself to setting up her own property management company…something she never dreamed possible.  Then through this process and journey, she discovered Feng Shui.


After having a Feng Shui consultation from a leading consultant implemented the advice and started to see amazing results. So she embarked on the training to become a consultant herself so she could help others achieve the results they wanted through this powerful ancient art.  She now has her own consultancy practice based Brighton, but offers consultations around the UK and world.  She also runs workshops in Brighton and the South East for those who are interested to learn more.


Karen is also about to launch her podcast; The Feng Shui Podcast, to offer tips, information and interesting interviews from other consultants and practitioners from around the world.

Facebook: KarenMiknas

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