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How to improve and rewild your sex life

I can't help wondering if traditional life and viewpoints around sex has taken us away from what love-making is really about? If this is the reason why, according to research by, just under fifty percent of people bemoan the lack of sex in their marriage? Or perhaps, why more than one in five NEVER getting intimate between the sheets? Their study of 2,000 married adults also found 35 per cent often argue with their spouse, while a huge 51 per cent believe there is ‘no romance’ in their relationship.

All is not lost, says my guest Ruth Ramsay. Ruth is a sex expert who is on a mission to have us rewild our sex lives, irrespective of whether we're in a relationship or not. Yes, indeed, it all starts with YOU and this is why I just adore her.

Ruth Ramsay Bio

When it comes to the topic of sex, Ruth Ramsay is the ask-me-anything, wildly experienced, unshockable best friend you wish you could call and confide in. In her transformational coaching business, she helps women who are ready to reboot their sex lives after years of unsatisfying (or non-existent) sex. Typical feedback reads: “I wouldn’t have been able to have this kind of mind-blowing, categorically different, life-altering sex without you – thank you!!”. Her background includes being an award-winning striptease artist, exotic dance teacher, sex journalist, and campaigner for the erotic rights of people with disabilities. She describes herself as “utterly unshockable” and is on a mission to normalise conversations around sex and pleasure. Ruth believes that we all have an erotic energy that exists independently of our physical abilities or body’s age. This energy can – and should - be something we can all access as a vibrant source of pleasure, empowerment and health. In her personal life, Ruth (45) is a happily married stepmum, vegan, and long-time raver, splitting her free time between the dancefloors of the UK and Ibiza

About the Getting Your Groove Back Show

Through a medley of awesome guests, The Getting Your Groove Back Show hosted by Ingrid Marsh, aka, The Soul Babe, equips you with the tools to escape the humdrum of day-to-day-living, reignite passion, and live a wildly fulfilling life. We are a community of women and men committed to letting go of the script of who we've been until this moment and the template wired into our consciousness from the day we were born. It is a holistic approach designed to relinquish ingrained beliefs around age, gender roles and more. It begs us to break the rules that are unconsciously eroding our confidence, energy, vibe as well as how we look and feel, and to replace them with better ones. Subscribe to get your groove back today.  

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