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Episode: Saima Majid Interviewing me on overcoming our unconscious biases and seeing the magic in everything.


Note from Saima

The death of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis on May 25th has awakened the whole world up to this disease called racism which is so present in our societies today. We now find ourselves speaking openly for the first time about something which has been hidden or not talked about for millennia. I feel that this is one of the most important discussions to be had of our time and in todays episode I have invited my good friend Ingrid Marsh who has personally been fighting against racism for many years of her life. By bringing these issues up to the fore, there's a feeling of hope that change may be possible. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe, rate and review and if you have any feedback or comments, do share on our trailblazer’s journey page on Instagram.

About Ingrid

Ingrid Marsh is a Motivational Speaker, Holistic Empowerment and Transformational Life Coach, Broadcaster and Growth Mindset Guru. Her poem, The Blind Side, has been published in a Collection of Poems called 'Words by' funded by Unicef. With her work on unconscious bias prevalent in the tech we create, she is also a member of the @IEEE AI ethics committee. Described by Google as a fantastic public speaker. She's a serial entrepreneur who has owned everything from a lifestyle shop in Islington to a tech online food marketplace.

In her earlier career, she worked in Account Management for ICV serving financial institutions such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Her work includes voice-over radio ads on the BBC, Life Coach columnist for The South London Press and Asian Star Radio. She has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC show and joined panels on OH TV sky alongside MP Tessa Jowell and Olympian Will Bayley. Ingrid is on a mission to help women and people of colour elevate their consciousness above the stereotypes that research shows, unconsciously limits them. For them to be strong enough mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally to power through the hurdles that come their way so that they can be all who they were meant to be.

More about Saima

Saima Majid is on a mission ‘to empower individuals to build self-belief and confidence in order to thrive in their lives’. She does this through her work as a Wellbeing and Transformational Life Coach and Speaker. Following Saima’s battle with mental illness in 2014, Saima realised she’d spent her life holding back so much unexplored potential due to limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours. She spent the next years investing heavily in her own development and growth. Now she educates and shares the knowledge that she has learnt to transform the lives of others. Helping them live authentically and setting them off on the road to happiness. In 2019 she created the Event and Podcast ‘The Trailblazers Journey’. She was also shortlisted for an award for 'Mental Health Awareness' at The Health Bloggers Community in London and she has spoken in front of hundreds about Health, Wellness and Personal development. To find out more about Saima, please visit and for 1:1 coaching, email

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