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Treating fibroids without surgery

Over eighty percent of women globally suffer with fibroids where the most common treatment is a hysterectomy. Many ask, nevertheless, if it can be treated without surgery? Valerie McKen believes there is another way. Discover how her raw food diet helped her to heal naturally and feel fabulous again.


About Valerie

Valerie McKen founded Womb-man Wise Health after suffering with it and the resulting heavy bleeding for many years. After two failed surgeries, nevertheless, and being hospitalised for severe anemia, she made a pact with herself to heal her womb naturally. She now dedicates her time helping women who suffer with the same conditions, to heal their womb using wholefoods and herbs.

Her mission is to fill in the gaps with missing knowledge of how the body works, no only to prevent vital organs from being removed but also to empower women to take charge of their health and become their own healer.

Valerie has been working in the health and wellbeing space for over 15 years and is a Nutritional Therapist, Detox Specialist, Raw Food Chef and Vegan Nutritionist

About Ingrid

Broadcaster and Coach Ingrid Marsh, aka, changed her life at fifty. From a couch potato she made health a habit by running every day in the rain and snow for 30-days, and vlogging it. 

With the help of a medley of awesome guests, Getting Your Groove Back is the letting go of the script of who you have been until this moment and the template wired into your consciousness from the day you were born. It is a holistic approach designed to relinquish ingrained beliefs and boost  creativity; to break the rules that are unconsciously eroding your self-confidence and vibe and to replace them with better ones. Subscribe today   

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